The Rosary Gift



This wonderful prayer I hold in my hand
Given by You to help me understand
That through these beads You’ll answer my call
You’ll come to my aid – I needn’t worry at all

Repeatedly You tell me the Rosary is the key
To overcome burdens and to set me free
You cannot resist these decades of love
My pleas pave the way to Your Son above

I need only persist with this powerful prayer
That leads to God – let Satan beware
As long as I meditate on the mysteries while praying
More and more I’ll understand what You keep saying
That time out is needed from fun and play
I must turn to God and daily pray

Your ageless prayer, then, dear Mother I know
Is a special gift that on me you bestow
Help me to treasure this relic You love
This everlasting guide to the Almighty above
A way of life, then, let the Rosary be for me
And through daily use may it set my soul free.