Marian apparition on a stone

Below is the story of Ahmed El Hussieny, living in El Salam City, Cairo (Egypt). He has given us permission to publish this story:

When I was 14 years old, I had a dream. There was a large crowd. It looked like they were waiting for someone. They were happy in the dream. My brother was also with me, but those people left in the dark. I had certainty in the dream that these people were waiting for the Virgin Mary. Yes, I felt it.

Then I felt someone tap my right shoulder. I turned around to see who it was. It was the Virgin Mary who smiled, then She put a stone in my hand and She said: "It is yours, Ahmed, it is yours."

Light shone around her. I've never seen such a light. There were angels around. The moon had a beautiful light, not like we see in our lives.

Two years after the dream, my brother and I were walking along a road in Cairo. It was August 1996. That day we took a different route to get home quickly.

My brother and I were running. Suddenly I tripped and fell on the sandy ground. I automatically picked up a stone from the ground and looked at it. The stone gave a bright light. I saw a woman's face in the stone, she was pregnant. I could clearly see the woman's eyebrows, eyes and nose in the stone. I swear I recognized her quickly. She was the Virgin Mary.

I put the stone in my pocket. Then my brother and I went home, but my mother scolded us for being late. I placed the stone on the table in front of her. My mother saw the stone, looked at it and said it was the Virgin Mary and that Christ was in her womb. There is also a tree trunk in the stone. There are many details in the stone. Everyone who saw the stone said it was the Virgin Mary.

Stone dimensions:
Height:  27.57mm
Width:   17.64mm
Depth:   12.45mm
Weight:    5.3 grams