Five Minutes to Spare

No matter how busy you are, you could spend five minutes:

  • To answer the telephone

  • To read the morning paper

  • To talk with a neighbor

  • To dispute with the laundryman about a mistake

  • To watch new furniture being unloaded next door

  • To chatter with a salesman

  • To read a trivial letter

  • Or to write one.

It takes only five minutes:

  • To say a prayer for the suffering friend

  • To read a chapter in "The Following of Christ"

  • To stop and think of God's daily gift of mercy

  • To remember the cross

  • To thank our Blessed Mother for her care of us

  • To make an act of faith, hope, and love

  • To whisper an "Our Father" or "Hail Mary" for someone in need

  • To say a decade of the Rosary for the pour souls

  • To visit the little statue or picture on the mantleplace and tell the Savior how much you love Him

  • To make a spiritual communion.

Which is the better way to spend five minutes?