Advent 2024


The word 'Advent' is derived from the Latin: adventus (= coming, to arrive) and advenire (= to arrive). Advent literally means: God comes to us.
Advent has a double character in the liturgy:
It is the time of preparation for Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ in our human history more than 2,000 years ago.

Advent is also the period of anticipation of Jesus' return at the end of time, when God will be all in all.

Advent starts on Sunday four weeks before Christmas, so the Sunday between November 27, 2022 and December 24, 2022; This year Advent therefore starts on November 27, 2022.

The Sundays of this time are called 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Sunday of Advent.

• First Sunday of Advent:     December 1, 2024
• Second Sunday of Advent  December 8, 2024
• Third Sunday of Advent:    December 15, 2024
• Fourth Sunday of Advent:  December 22, 2024

This is how we live in Advent towards Christmas, so that Jesus, Emmanuel God-with-us, may also be born in our own lives. During this period we are invited to adopt a basic attitude of expectation and openness. We prepare our hearts to receive Him and let Him in again. The liturgy of the 4 Sundays of Advent aims to support this basic attitude and give it step-by-step shape.

An Advent wreath will be hung in the church. There are four candles on it. Every Sunday in Advent a candle is lit. We look forward to the coming of Jesus, 'the Light of the world'. If people strictly followed the colors of the liturgy during Advent, they used the green Advent wreath with 3 purple and 1 pink candle and purple ribbons. Advent is a period of reflection, becoming aware of the role of God in his creation, repentance. Hence the purple color at this time of year. On the 3rd Sunday of Advent the "gaudete" (rejoice) is sung and then the pink candle is lit and the priest wears pink robes in these monasteries as a sign of joy because the coming of the Lord has been announced and people have already passed the halfway point. of Advent. At Christmas the purple ribbons are replaced by white ribbons and the wreath is hung up in the vault of the church. In the center there can be a flower arrangement with white ribbons or a mistletoe as a symbol of the birth of the Child who brings happiness.

During this Advent season the priest wears a purple chasuble. Purple is the color of reflection, penance and conversion. In Advent the 'Glory to God' (Gloria) is not prayed or sung. The angels in Bethlehem sang this song of joy at the birth of Jesus. We don't sing it in Advent, because Advent is a time of reflection: so it sounds like a new song again at Christmas. We can sing that new song with the angels at Christmas, full of joy at the birth of Jesus.

The first readings in Advent are largely taken from the prophet Isaiah, who set Israel on the path to receive the Savior. Isaiah paints several pictures of the One who is coming. In the Gospels we often encounter the last great prophet of the Old Testament, John the Baptist, the forerunner of Jesus. Liturgically speaking, Advent is a 'Mary Month'. With Mary we look forward with anticipation to Jesus coming to us.

To prepare us well for Christmas, below you will find a reference to the Advent calendar from November 28, a prayer for each Sunday of this Advent. An excellent support for each of us to think more deeply about the coming and second coming of Christ!

Prayer for Advent

Father, in the wilderness of the Jordan,
you sent a messenger to prepare people’s hearts
for the coming of your Son.
Help me to hear his words and repent of my sins,
so that I may clearly see the way to walk,
the truth to speak,
and the life to live for him,
Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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